Lego® Serious Play®  (LSP) is a facilitated communication and problem solving method to enhance team building, innovation and business performance. By engaging in the core process of building with bricks, sharing, and reflecting, teams tap into their capabilities, gain insights, and commit to shared goals. In these “lean forward” meetings, everyone participates and contributes their unique perspectives to the conversation. The method is based on research from learning sciences and is a powerful way to surface what people are thinking and feeling. 

As an experienced facilitator, I’ll work with you to identify goals and develop a flow for the workshop to achieve desired outcomes. Team events are customized to meet the needs of the client. Experiences include but are not limited to: team building for creative collaboration, visioning, service and product design, and strategic planning.

Facilitation Includes

  • Discovery call to determine client needs
  • Customized agenda based on client needs
  • LSP workshop delivery including all supplies
  • Follow-up including documentation of key insights and outcomes

Contact Donna for a discovery call to discuss and customize a workshop to meet your needs and desired outcomes.